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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 22, 2014 12:45am-1:01am EDT

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tonight tries to kill its claim on natural resources in the sat china say america already has tens of thousands of troops in dozens of bases that and its fate the move could hang to china the philippines and the u.s. preparing for mass naval drills new territory beijing believes to be its or journalist james colbert thinks it could result in a basic conflict this has to be seen as just part of a trend towards the deepening of the us and philippine military alliance that goes right along with the developing us japanese military alliance the us australian military alliance so i think this has to be seen as more part of a regional trend that's developing both china and the us and its allies are playing to their respective political bases and they're looking for economic stimulus that comes from militarization so they are looking to divert more government funds towards the defense sector i think it's part of a feedback loop where one side makes a move so the other is seen to respond to it so the other side responds to the response etc and i think when we're caught in that type of feedback loop it runs
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the risk of running into a some type of military confrontation scenario simply because when you have all the leaves ships in these highly disputed territories that are at times running into each other as we start to see these types of incidents that could become a hot war scenario perhaps inadvertently i'll be back with more news in about fifteen minutes time up next though is that wrapping the world's top stories in change the news. move. move. move move from
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your new songs from the latest reports beaming fall from plenty to what you meant if you love something most being entertained amused untrusted susan is ruled by a popular global ritual commonly don't expose right. so to both humans and today with volume turned up to the biggest sporting events welcome to single. person is instead a speech that looks in thrilled so joyous this will close the field six to one of the happy people make it to the bank to do what you want. to even if everything tells you one not enjoying to show how we need to fix your bodies beautifully that is. even corruption cases that when we had a problem was coming to isabella somehow and heals too but it isn't the people in need of it has found to be found for me to take sad music to keep it janja keep us hold it right there. on.
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stage call song we have been forced and restore peace please continue to enjoy the world talks twenty four see what's this here we are taking control of brazil home to you and you want me to raise it to meet the welcome back so was the world cup winning we all round these but you know the moms and dads camps to make you get this is the biggest will prove who is going to believe parts of the no to the previous cuts combine these brazilians who took the quality homes instead of the schools most people still striking including protests no one since with or didn't throw kids having maps of fictions to claiming the state simply. identification of it as a wrong problem estate to see the world cup. it's approved sixty six these days to take away liberties and the police increased surveillance special forces no was in course to prosecute for this these may just go to the end of the festival brazil be left with chaos and tremendous debt to overshoot this one which is the one with the
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special second to be too good to see pleasing to the final whistle blow it is critical these are just a piece of the benefits the problems the brazil and that is why many of us compete to host the welcome as well you were next to put the same deal and then me and said . take me show darling. this is like kingdom of. now hang on to the books i'm no expert in the work to sputnik forces for was supposed to be all about me and why did you feel that with cooling the world game you seem to be somewhat cheeky feet you may be jumping or late given their legs a passionate way they think this big paydays but in fact the an actual get beyond let's get to school in the magic book chatting with national please get it done yet . don't really believe we used the best tactics to come away with the victory musicians didn't the least a mature student that you might have expected says train people to have people but
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. the australian economy was to be everyone we sailed through the gypsy. the pensions unemployment health education by making up some crap about fiscal emergency a tax cut and even better things than the bad strategy should say we'll get to that is take the next generation to strangers will most probably become the. most of these people more says he's right to be spoken like a true would be kept straight he became the but the result may be that david cameron believe that given the. but you really give them a. little from the flintstones of the city of london to thank his kids like this yes today comes national news so we can use them instead to be still the english
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people in a few ticks and impose a big round of society can cause them to explode because it would cause i would you case it would be i'm just making those idiots think the situation on the floor and ultimately the game but now he points to the plate list he was a good thing kept him from getting sick it really. was the suckers who dominated the table and beating down the road people would still play. the british were to go into place we use illegal. drugs it probably gets. to be true we've scored somebody goes against america the other teams are scrambling to protect is pretty fair because. players in the game. playing champions for the summer and nobody else around dishman home. which has never done in twenty states with the football coach but the biggest city wants to squeeze public to become just upright and not just of money but of the dignity know
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what an improvement is the best to you would still has to. change. in business school when the others are not six players the champions of the ok. michael unlike the world like raise their kids or told you so much action which will be the winning going to see the weeks status was. moved. ok so we go. like it's like he said this is a goal it was such a place and if. you are going to this group are going to say look it's.
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just closing with me. please. move to move the full view of our coverage of the world true especially brazil good luck to you for the ordeal is imminent once this concludes you'll have to go through the insignificant rest assured we talked with the bullets to live with that so was a lot of support so you felt the world we're living perhaps we created the feels offended it's level playing fields it's respect for the muslim it's the fact that there was a legitimate and i'm like is like clearly written and known to all participants if
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you play by those principles not just in the stadium but say today you know court rooms board rooms and government change visit would truly be a game changer on the actual world stage now where you could use a nap. lead . the try to play play play going to be going to want to get. the story playing every minute. the lead the luck may the law oh well. my
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a lot like what he. was listening to some say the mole time plays cases mostly templates played sometimes from nothing which lead this season and it's. not just me but still we can still be just maybe you see the stage take the baby to sleep with the teacher was led . on there and in the financial world. to talk to seems to moments cannot stop it is a terribly take no demand for credit not going to get it in life there are.
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fact that. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked like handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm charging and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem for trucks rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing not defined brooke feel ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture.
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his name was use of god because he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the midst that he created exist to this day. it was google's propaganda it was posing actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german so students would. keep its can do we do use of go bill sniff precisely what the masses need to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pipe paper from the fairy tale that made rats fall to the tune of his plight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for
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a town saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who won in the second world war. but the pledge was terrible mistake now i'm very hard to make out to let once again the among here is a plot that never had sex with the earthquake there's no legs let's play. list le
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may. speak your language. programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. it will turn the. story. here. to. find out more visit.
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today's top stories are under review of the week's headlines ukrainian military and opposition blame each other for ignoring a declared ceasefire while moscow's. plan looks more like an old. place fighting goes on in iraq with islam is taking control of new territories and forcing millions to afraid of violence while washington considers a strikes to stop the militants. and. is sworn in. we look at some of the highlights of his predecessor's rule and the challenges facing them on a cake in the cash strapped country.


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